Coaching for: mobility, strength/conditioning, Olympic Weightlifiting, CrossFit competition, down-regulation, nutrition, and coaching development.

(For any of the above, programming can be provided in lieu of frequent follow-up.)

The above can be done as personal coaching/consulting (in person or remote) or in the form of group classes/workshops *Note this is personal coaching NOT training. Coaching happens by permission only. Coaching is a two way street. Coaching is give and take–push and pull energy. In my opinion, personal training implies baby-sitting; hence, my adamant distinction. Obviously, in person coaching is preferred for your sake and mine; however, this is not always feasible. Therefore, video analysis will be used frequently for movement related coaching done remotely.

Use the contact page to inquire directly about working together on any or all of the above to better cultivate and practice barrierlessness.